Category B+E is the licence group for towing a caravan or trailer. The course is designed for candidates who passed their car driving test on or after 01st January 1997 with no acquired rights.

Individuals with a standard car licence (category b) can drive a motor vehicle not exceeding 3500kg (with no more than 8 passenger seats) towing a trailer up to 750kg.  If this weight is exceeded then the B+E licence is needed.

Our B+E training is carried out in a VW Tiguan  or Ford Transit Custom …. Both using a twin axle trailer.  The cost of the training is £36 / hour and the test fee is £115.  Training is carried out over 1.5 days if candidates undertake the standard 10 hour course.

There are 2 options available for B+E training:

B+E Assessment Drive £36

(Course length defined by the results of the assessment)

B+E Standard Course £475

B+E Standard Course £475

Refresher Training

For drivers who already hold the B+E licence we offer refresher training for those who would like to feel more confident when towing, reversing or coupling and uncoupling a trailer.  Our instructors design courses tailored to a candidates individual needs.  Training is priced at £36 per hour when using our vehicles.

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