Category B+E is the licence group for towing a caravan or trailer.  All car drivers are now able to tow a trailer weighing up to 3,500 kgs without the need for an additional test when the law changed in December 2021.

We offer a range of packages for candidates with no experience and refresher training for drivers with more towing experience.  Our instructors can also design courses tailored to a candidates individual needs.

Our B+E training is carried out in a VW Tiguan using a single or twin axle trailer.

We would recommend that anyone with little or no experience should still receive some formal training to make sure they are towing safely.

Training can booked as a 4 hour block or full day (7.5 hours)

The cost of the training is £60 / hour including VAT

Our B+E courses cover:

  • How to check your trailer or caravan is safe to go on the road
  • How to load your trailer or caravan to ensure stability when towing
  • How to tow your trailer or caravan safely
  • How to reverse your trailer or caravan safely
  • How to couple and uncouple your trailer or caravan safely

For further information please call today on 0114 2813022