Privacy Policy

General Use of Personal Data
What Data We Collect & How It Is Used
Trainees Information
Sensitive Personal Data
Accessing Your Personal Data
Data Breaches

• TAL Training is committed to protecting the rights of individuals to privacy with regard to the processing of personal data
• It is necessary for TAL Training to process personal data in the normal and proper conduct of the business operations
• Such processing will be conducted fairly and lawfully in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation. If you have a query regarding the accuracy of your personal data then your query will be dealt with fairly and impartially

General Use of Personal Data
• TAL Training holds data on: prospective, current and former Trainees; prospective, current and former staff; other business contacts; and other individuals interested in TAL Training
• This personal data is held in a variety of formats, electronic and manual
• The processing of personal data is subject to the rules laid down under the GDPR implemented on 25th May 2018. Your personal data will be used only for proper purposes that are considered by TAL Training to be for your benefit
• For Trainees this will include (but not be restricted to) monitoring training performance, statistical reporting, awarding qualifications and the provision of general business services
• For staff this will include (but not be restricted to) the conduct of normal business management and employment matters
• For other individuals this will include (but not be restricted to) the normal conduct of training and business relationships
• The protection of your personal data will be governed by the provisions of General Data Protection Regulation. Access to your data will be restricted to those personnel to whom it is necessary for business purposes
• TAL Training will not sell your personal data to third parties. Your personal data will only be transferred to third parties when related to training and business matters, for example where this is required by professional bodies/awarding bodies or where it is necessary for the delivery of services by third parties to you

What Data Do We Collect?
We collect the following personal information that you provide directly to us:
• When we communicate with each other (including your name, email address, telephone number and the content of our communications);
• When you sign up to TAL Training (including your name, email address, postal address, telephone number and driving licence information);
• When you subscribe to email notifications and/or newsletters (including your name and email address); and
• Other information that you choose to send to us.

• TAL Training seeks to use your personal data only for the purposes of legitimate interests and, where practicable, with your consent
• For Trainees, it is a condition of acceptance onto TAL Training courses that you consent to TAL Training processing your personal data.  By enrolling, you signify your agreement
• For staff, it is a condition of employment that you consent to TAL Training processing your personal data.  By applying you signify your agreement
• For other individuals, TAL Training may gather your data during the course of normal business activities. It will be used only for legitimate interests
• You have the right to know what personal data TAL Training holds about you and for this to be correct. Procedures for the management of personal data are in place and enquiries may be made as set out below

We will only use your personal information for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy.  The legal basis for using your personal information is that either we have a legitimate interest in doing so or we have your express consent.

Trainees Information
• TAL Training will hold personal data relating to your training performance. This data may be released to appropriate third parties including professional bodies, awarding bodies, training partners, employers and prospective employers. This may include providing references on your behalf

Sensitive Personal Data
• Sensitive personal data is defined under the Act to include such matters as personal beliefs and health
• If TAL Training holds Sensitive Personal Data about you then this will only be disclosed with your explicit consent or if required by law

How Your Data Is Kept Secure
We work hard to protect any personal data held from unauthorised access to or unauthorised alteration, disclosure or destruction of information we hold.  In particular:
• We do not store copies of your data on any form of removable media or in any of our office locations;
• We regularly review our information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorised access to systems;
• We restrict access to personal information to TAL Training and contractors on a need-to-know basis and ensure they are subject confidentiality obligations.

Accessing Your Personal Data
• You have the right to see the personal data that TAL Training holds about you and for that data to be corrected if it is incorrect
• Minor requests about your personal data may be dealt with informally in the course of normal administration, at the sole discretion of TAL Training.
• If you wish to make a formal request for access to your personal data then this should be made in writing to TAL Training.

Data Breach
Whilst we endeavour to keep your personal information safe, in the event of data theft, we may suspend access to emails and online systems and take other urgent steps to prevent further unauthorised access to information.
If we believe that our data has been compromised, we will report the issue to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).
We will notify you without delay if we believe a data breach is likely to result in a significant risk to your rights.

TAL Training is registered as a Data Controller and will adhere to these principles and the guidelines set out by the Information Commissioner.